International Politics : Francis Fukuyama - The End of History

              To begin with , liberalism, according to Fukuyama is the end point of historical stream. With the term "end of the history" he actually means after all search and investigation of history to explore the welfare society "liberalism" is the end line.

              Liberal democracy at the end will be the dominant ruling system. There are two reasons for this opinion, first dominant over the natural sciences and consequently development of the technology and utilizing this technology for the welfare of the society and increasign military power as the time passes combines all nation states under a single title which is liberalism by losing all cultural differences .

             Secondly, dialectic, originally Hegel's dialectic, according to this history finds himself naturally at liberalism at the end with dialectic by passing the stages of thesis, anti-thesis and synthesis. According to the above mentioned two theories liberalism is an inevitable end of each state as the other ideologies can not fulfill the requirements of welfare state and freedom.