International Politics : Samuel P. Huntington - The Clash of Civilizations

             Huntington in his theory specifies that the era of ideologies and conflicts between has ended now the rivalry is between the civilizations. According to him the main conflicts in the future will occur because of the differences between the cultures. Especially after the cold-war the importance of the conflict in civilizations or cultural conflicts has increased.

            He mentiones main civilizations in the world as:

            Western Civilization: Western Europe, Northern America, Australia and New Zealand.
            Orthodox Countries: Russia, Serbia, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Greece
            Latin America: Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia, Chile, Mexico...
            Islamic Countries:  Middle East, Central Asia, North Africa, Indonesia, Pakistan, Somalia
            India : Continental India and Nepal
            China: Including Korea, Vietnam and Taiwan
            Japan: Mixture of Chinese and Altaic civilization
           Apart from these main types according to Huntington's theory there are also isolated countries like Israel, Turkey, Ethiopia which do not belong any of the above mentioned groups.

           According to his theory Russia and India; China and Iran are natural allies.
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