Arab Spring : Egypt

Fate of democracy in Egypt

Author: NAzrul Basher

Egypt is an ancient country with its olden civilization. Pyramid of Egypt is known to all, is a vivid enchanting, wonderful and mysterious establishment calling upon the people to visit, discover and research  finding out more and more secret history of them. Millions of people are visiting her enriching knowledge and mental power. With the heritage and glories history, the people of the country were deprived of the real democracy. This is the reason that the rulers of Egypt were either far less far sighted vision or the callous to the people's welfare and desire and less interested to make the country self-reliant in all sectors. The people of Egypt had been seared in the flames with withering injustice, discrimination and unspeakable police brutality and battered with unemployment, without leeway, high price of staple food, and lack of habitat places. The general people might have thought that they had been the citizen of the developed countries like as United States and Europe if their country was democratic. They wish to get rid of the situation. The real chance had come   when the Arab Spring stemmed from Tunisia showed up afore the people. Over a lot of sacrifices of lives and properties, the people of Tunisia won the battle of democracy driving out the autocratic ruler rule over the country for long lime in a row boosted Egyptian much from its development. Arab Spring came as a beacon light of hope to the millions of people of Egypt and they wanted a joyous day break to the long waited horrible night captivity. Demonstration and protest of all walks of people brought the President Hosni Mubarak stepped down and transferred the state power to the Egyptian military.

Dream of the peoples started wheeling as the election of the parliament held help giving shape of the democracy. Before some days of the President election parliament dissolved by the supreme council of the armed forces casting shadow of uncertainty over the countries blossoming democracy. Although the top brass and entrenched element in the armed forces, judiciary and administration appointed by the late dictator Hosni Mubarak were unhappy at the victory of the brotherhood in the parliament, armed forces were wise enough not to take any risk converting the country into reeling and staggering, letting the President election timely held. Mohammed Morsi was the first democratic elected President in Egypt. Assuming the power he had taken a right and commendable turn to reinstate the parliament by a decree but it was turned down by the Supreme Council. This fact gets the people pessimistic creep into the mind of them.

It is clear that democracy depends on the three factors - people, honorable President and the supreme council of the armed forces. People of the Egypt has a great potential to put the democracy accelerate with their patience's, no-violent movement and taking right decision on the right time. They have to be shied away from the wrong doing but the creative demonstration. They must not let their creative protest to degenerate into physical force giving the armed forces chance crushing the democracy.

They have to rise to the majestic heights of meeting physical force with soul force. Nonviolent method can be a potent weapon to the oppressed people to press home their demand.

As the full state power was not transferred to new President of Egypt by the armed forces, he is to get along maintaining intelligence and shrewdness in every performance. What is  more important point is that he is enjoying the own peoples support and international support so that armed forces would not take venture out the risk of removing him. Though, the supreme council hold majority of the power, they should choose the right path of transferring the whole power to the elected President Mohammed Morsi by the people. They have to read the peoples desire that their legitimate discontent will not pass until there is an invigorating of autumn of liberty, freedom, prosperous economy and happiness.

The path of democracy is hard. Division between the people and army would hamper the economy and foreign investment raising the unemployment condition and also a stone of despair of the people. If the people, armed forces can move hand by hand together the real democracy will blossom in the Egypt. The whole world is waiting to see that sunlight path of the freedom and liberty of the Egyptian people.

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