World News : Endless Crisis in Central African Republic - Conflict between Muslims and Christians

         Conflicts in Central African Republic is going on. Following the resignation of the President Michel Djotodia,  a Muslim,  who came to the government after the coup d'etat in March, conflict and civil war in the country did not stop.

        It is specified that in the capital Bangui 7 people were hanged by militarist groups. Since December 1000 people lost their lives in this violence. May countries includign Chad, Congo, Niger, Mali, Sudan are planning to take their citizens out of the country. Meanwhile European Union planned to send troops to prevent further civilian loses. African peacekeeping forces and alomost 1600 French soldiers are already located in the country however the violent actions still continue.

       After South Sudan another African country, CAR, is now dealing with violent civil war. The targets are mainly suspected Muslim supporters of Djotodia's rebbellion, however, again, many innocent civilians are being effected by this uncontrolled conflict.