World Politics - A Shining Star in Caspian Sea : Azerbaijan

              With its capital, Baku, today Azerbaijan seems to be the major actors in its region and also in the Middle East. After its independence from the Soviet Union, there had been a considerable development both in social and economical terms.

               Pipelines through Georgia to Turkey was a good start for the integration to the international markets. It is rich in oil and natural gas, oil exploration is still going on and Azerbaijan is spoted to be one of the biggest suppliers of the natural goods mentioned above. These income coming from the export of gas and oil is wisely invested in the infrastructure of manufacturing industry and the development in the economy can be seen in the increase of the business registrations. Additionally, with its strong historical ties to Turkey it is also able to reach European market. In addition to these tourism, technology and agriculture are the developing industries. Most of the agricultural products are produced domestically.

               To sum, in the next 5 years, it is very obvious that we will be hearing the name "Azerbaijan" more and more.