Close Look At The Countries in the Middle East

Syria - (Official Name: Syrian Arab Republic) 

Population: 22.500.000

Capital : Damascus

Area: 186.475 square kilometres

Currency : Syrian Pound

GDP: 107.6 billion $

Largest Cities: Aleppo, Lattakia, Homs, Hama

Religion: Mostly Sunni and Shia, also Christian fragments

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Iran - (Official Name: Islamic Republic of Iran)

Population : 77.176.000

Area : 1.648.185 square kilometres

Currency: Rial

GDP: 1.016 trillion $

Largest Cities: Tehran, Mashdad, Isfahan

Religion: Shia and some Sunni Fragment

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Turkey - (Official Name: Republic of Turkey)

Population : 75.620.000

Area : 783.562 square kilometres

Currency: Turkish Lira

GDP: 1.142 trillion $

Largest Cities: Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir

Religion: Sunni, some christian fragments

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Israel - (Official Name: State of Israel)

Population : 8.000.000

Area : 20.770 square kilometres

Currency: Shekel

GDP: 252.8 billion $

Largest Cities: Tel Aviv, Haifa, Jerusalem

Religion: Judaism

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Saudi Arabia - (Official Name: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)

Population : 29.195.000

Area : 2.149.000  square kilometres

Currency: Riyal

GDP : 927.1 billion $

Largest Cities: Riyadh, Mecca, Jeddah

Religion: Sunni

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Egypt - (Official Name: Arab Republic of Egypt)

Population : 84.000.000

Area : 1.000.000 square kilometres

Currency: Egyptian Pound

GDP : 548.8 billion $

Largest Cities: Cairo, Alexandria, Giza

Religion: Sunni

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Azerbaijan - (Official Name: Republic of Azerbaijan)

Population : 9.300.000

Area : 86.600 square kilometres

Currency: Manat

GDP: 98.36 billion $

Largest Cities: Baku, Ganja, Sumqayit

Religion: Shia and Sunni

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Iraq - (Official Name: Republic of Iraq)

Population : 31.129.000

Area : 438.317 square kilometres

Currency: Dinar

GDP: 242.5 billion $

Largest Cities: Baghdad, Mosul, Basra

Religion: Sunni and Shia

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