For Peaceful Cooperation - Middle Eastern Union

            What if all Middle Eastern countries would unite together in an organization like European Union. Suppose a Union starting from Turkey in the West, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan in North, Afghanistan, Pakistan in the East and Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Oman in South. Very large area including many opportunities. Suppose a semi-trailer loaded with goods is on a high way starting from Oman going to Baku without any customs or fees. And returning back from Baku with loaded goods again to Cairo this time again without any visa and customs.

               Turkey, Israel, Iran, Azerbaijan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt.....which have enormous natural resources, trading experiences, numerous ports and developed industries. Suppose all these countries came together and formed Middle Eastern Union - lets call it MEU -. As it is now in the EU all countries would be combined to each other in economical terms and maybe also they can form a common domestic and foreign policies. Saudi Arabia investing in Azerbaijan, Turkey exporting directly to Oman with any customs fees and in fastest way. All countries are connected with each other with a developed high way and railway network system. An Afghan student can be graduated from a university in Ankara, Turkey or an Iranian salesman can establish a trading company in Israel. Samples can be plural if we think. MEU, it sounds very nice, isn't it?