Yugoslavia : Dissolution Process - Struggle between Serbs and Croats

            Yugoslavia, on the Adriatic coast of Balkan peninsula was the country consisting many states in itself.  "Jug" means south, so the country name meant the southern Slavs. These states were Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Montenegro and Kosova have became independent countries afte the civil war. So the question is do the people miss  the Ex-Yugoslavia or are they satisfied with the recent situation?

             Beginning from Josip Broz Tito's rule Yugoslavia had survived a peaceful period since 1940s to 1980s. However , especially after the Tito's death in 1980, the historiacal struggles betwen the ethnic groups inside Yugoslavia had been active again and the civil war caused many deaths in all sides. The declaration of Indepence from Slovenia was followed by Croatia and than Bosnia. Serbs who were the dominant power in Ex-Yugoslavia have reacted violently to these declarations and declared war to Croatia and than Bosnia.

           Did all this bloodshed worth to reach to today's formation? Too many independent countries with small populations and weak industries. Each country now has its own flag but how many people now desire to unify again under Yugoslavia?