Projecting The Year 2050

                       Did you ever think what will be in the next 50 years? Not only in your private life but also globally what will happen really? To my mind next decades will be very difficult test for history of the world.

                       Apart from the global warming and the melting of the ice in north pole and becoming of Greenland as really a Greenland cleared from its ice surface, world politics and relationship between the states seems to change also. The first big test would be North Korea, which will increase its military capacity and could have more developed rocket technology in the following years. Second problem looks like Iran, which may conclude the nuclear tests and became a nuclear power. And the possible reaction of Israel towards this development is also unknown. According to me,  the third problem would be Serbia, which may try to finish the uncompleted job in Bosnia and stimulate the independence of Republic of Sırpska in Bosnia and Herzegovina federation. All these challenges looks like to effect the history of the world.

                       What can be done? For North Korea, the solution would be the integration with the South Korea and form a single Korean Republic and developing the North in all economical and social ways. Regarding the Iran, very difficult, but an economical union between middle east countries including Israel sounds like the only solution. And for Serbia, hopefully, they can be accepted to the EU in a very near future therefore there would not be a radical nationalist political party which has interests on Bosnia.