World Politics - Turkey: A Rising Power

        Turkey, comparing to its foreign policy of 1970s looks like more powerful and confident now. Especially in the last 2-3 years we may see its effects in Northern Iraq, Syria, Azerbaijan, Balkans and the EU.

         After trying to enter to the EU and spending most of its energy, Turkey now decided to turn its eye on its neighbors again. Now it is developing a relationship with Northern Iraq in economical aspects, in Syria also has a clear policy and aiming to reach a peace at the end. Nowadays with Bulgaria and Greece, both of which were the problematic issues for Turkey, also developing relationships and in the last 5 years there had been no serious problem with both of the countries mentioned above. Additionally, with Israel it seems everything will be better in the near future.

        Istanbul, old capital, now becoming a trade center of the Middle East, which includes two big international airports (third one is projected in the north of the city). Many peace conferences between the Middle Eastern countries are now being held in Istanbul. Big underground projects like Marmara Subway represents Turkey's ambition to be a leader and dominant power in the region. 

         In the future, to my mind, Turkey should have much closer relationships with the countries like Israel, Azerbaijan and Gulf Region countries for its own benefits. A highway can be established between Turkey, Georgia and Azerbaijan. A kind of customs union can also be signed between these countries. I believe with the help of this union all three countries will benefit and improve their economies. This small union can also be a starting point for a bigger organization which can spread to all Middle East.